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Welcome to HELP_AB's new web page and blog.

Thirteen years ago I was suffering with chronic pain and had finally found some of the help I needed to begin to rebuild my life. I had no idea what this new life would look like, who I was in the world anymore, and how I had ended up in this place, but mostly I wondered why it took so long to find help. I wondered if I was the most unlucky person in the world as I reflected on the shaming and judgement, lack of knowledge, disinterest and dismissal I met with as I searched for a doctor that would help me.

I know you all have felt the same way. It is a dark place that is hard to fight your way out of. Your tired. Your in pain. Your sick of pills and doctors and still finding that just getting up in the morning is a challenge. Then struggling to pay the bills, dealing with family and constantly canceling on friends fills each day. When night fell it was a reminder that there is nothing as lonely as laying in bed, in pain, exhausted, all alone and unable to sleep at 2 am.

What I learned was that I was not alone. My experiences may be unique to me, but echoed in the sentiment of the experiences of every other chronic pain patient. I wanted to change the way chronic pain patients were treated and improve pain management for everyone. I dreamed of a place that every person in pain could find a friendly voice, experienced mentor ship and for once in their lives someone who really does understand. Today I'm proud to say that HELP_AB is growing rapidly and reaching more pain patients across Alberta. We have so much work left to do, but we are pain patients. I can't think of a more determined, compassionate, and strong group of people to carry my dream forward.

We will be posting regular blogs, important information, helpful hints and more. This web page and blog with grow and develop as time goes on. Please add subscribe to our email list and keep up to date on what we are up too. Your willingness to add your name to this cause helps us unite chronic pain patients across this province so that at long last, we will have a voice that is too big to ignore.

Thank you so much for taking this time with me. If you or a loved one needs help with your chronic pain issues, or you would like more information about support groups in your area give us a call or email us. After's hard enough being in pain, why do it alone?

Tracy Fossum


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